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in Memory Of:

Richard Bishop

Jean Bown

Bernie Brunner

Chester Cain

Steven Charzynski

Adam Duda

Martin Gallagher

Paul Hansen

Susan Harmen

Janet Hughey

Alan C. Jackson

Marilyn Jankowski

JoAnne Johnson

Mary Lu Landless

Donations Received

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Gerald Mazierkwicz

Eugene Miller

Stephen Peterson

Laura Petrocella

Michael Poliskie

Lauren Roche

David Schmidt

Eva Schuster

Harriet Smiley

Joseph Sugamosto

Tony M. Sugamosto

Carole Tapper

Matt Tomlanovich

Don Wasilewski

Donations Received

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J. Robert Devers

Christine Gaussisan

Karen & Steve Gorski

Jim Hockley

Deb Humig

Art & Ivy Nantau

Dr. Anne Pascasio

Stephen Schocke

Wally Lynn Semru's 60th Anniversary

Chris & Diane Smiles

Alison & Doug Swanson

Sgt. Cody Teller

Pamela Zendt

What Are the Advantages of Giving to Samaritan House?

Perpetuity: A gift establishing a permanent fund with Samaritan House will continue to benefit the community well into the future. Only the earnings from those funds will be used for programs, allowing the fund to grow over time. Additional gifts may be made at any time also increasing the size of the fund.

Tax Benefits: The agency qualifies as a public charity under federal law. That means that gifts made during the donor’s lifetime are eligible for income tax benefits. In addition, bequests made through the will of a donor may qualify as a tax deduction for federal estate tax purposes.

(Samaritan House advises you to check with your income tax advisor as income tax laws and rules change.)

Flexibility: Donors may determine the program for which gifts are to be used, or leave all or part of the decision to the Samaritan House Board of Directors.

Simplicity: A gift to Samaritan House simplifies your charitable giving. One contribution to the agency may address several needs and benefit a number of families in the community.

Public Accountability: Samaritan House provides information to the public on its programs and activities.

Acknowledging/Remembering: Donations can be made in honor or in memory of a family member, friend, neighbor or other special person in your life.

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