Hunger Heroes Campaign

What is the “Hunger Heroes”Campaign?

Samaritan House’s Hunger Heroes Campaign has a simple mission: To provide meals to hungry families in our community. We are inviting you to join us and become a Hunger Hero by sponsoring a family in need. If you, your family, your church or business choose to sponsor a Samaritan House family, we are able to match you with a family size that fits your budget. For becoming a Hunger Hero and providing meals to a hungry family, Samaritan House will recognize you with a specially-printed, removable Samaritan House “Hunger Hero” decal that can be placed on your car or in your business window.

Why should I partner with Samaritan House?

You’ve seen the ads on TV…. Sponsor a child or family overseas. But poverty and hunger exist here at home in Northwestern Macomb County. More than 15 percent of rural households are food-insecure, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which is a higher rate of hunger than urban and metropolitan areas.

As the primary food pantry in Northwest Macomb County, Samaritan House fills a vital role in serving your neighbors. Last year, we fed meals to 4,984 local residents in need for 10-14 days. For every $2 invested in Samaritan House, we secure a meal for a family in poverty.

Are levels of giving available?

Yes! By choosing to give $40, $60, $120, $180 or $240 per month for a year, you will sponsor a child, a senior citizen or a family of two, three or four and provide them with meals for 10-14 days per month. We need your help to fight hunger in our community! Be a hunger hero today!

Child, $40 per month

Senior Citizen, $60 per month

Family of two, $120 per month

Family of three, $180 per month

Family of four, $240 per month

Can I make a one-time donation?

Absolutely! You can make a one-time donation at an amount of your choice, or choose to sponsor for any number of months at the above levels.

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